Retail leases can be very daunting to a non-professional or anyone who is not interested in reading 50 pages of legal jargon. Lease issues are governed by a very specific, dynamic and complex area of real estate law. Oftentimes, the review and analysis or lease issues require the assistance of a lawyer. This is especially true when it is a commercial tenant first foray into open and operating a retail business. Unfortunately most Landlord form leases provide the commercial tenants with little to almost no legal rights or protections and certainly some provisions are unilaterally in the favor of the Landlord.

Thus, if you are thinking of opening a new retail location or an office and have any questions or concerns regarding the letter of intent, the commercial lease document itself or are involved in a dispute requiring analysis over a commercial lease, then it may be in your best interest to contact a local real estate attorney for further guidance.

An experienced real estate leasing attorney can inform of your rights and obligations under the terms of the commercial lease. Keep in mind, not any real estate lawyer may fit your needs so please be clear that you are looking to engage a real estate attorney who specializes in commercial lease review, preparation and negotiations. Your counsel can also determine whether any conditions of the lease will work in your favor.

An experienced real estate leasing attorney will be able to help you draft, edit, and
review the terms of your lease, as well as can make sure that its terms are best suited
to the needs of your business currently and in the future.